March 14th & 15th, 2014

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POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, share and distribute. We are an experiment in activism and community through materiality

POC Zine Project curates a traveling POC zine exhibition, has established an archive, cultivates digital platforms that share POC zines and provides grants, tools and events for zinesters.

The POC Zine Project will be hosting the POC Zine Project presents: Lessons from the first ‘Race Riot!’ tour”  from 2 - 3:30 pm in the Lecture Hall, Columbia College Chicago’s Conaway Center on March 9 as part of Chicago Zine Fest’s Zine Exhibition. The POC Zine Project will also be tabling at the Zine Exhibition. This is the second year the

POC Zine Project has taken part in Chicago Zine Fest and we are so excited!

Find POC Zine Project online: Website/Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter

Photo credit: POC Zine Fest, Colorlines, and Threads & Circuits

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