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Inclusivity at CZF 2013

An anonymous survey taker said in regards to CZF’s inclusivity: I think organizing a poc-specific zine branch of any kind is too much like segregation, even if the organizers’ hearts were in the right place. It’s not inclusion to specify the skin color of authors and it was already an extremely welcoming place to be for everyone involved, making the poc zine thing redundant.

CZF response: There may be some misunderstanding about the POC zine groups that were present/involved in Chicago Zine Fest 2013, so we wanted to clear that up. Two groups tabled at/participated in CZF that had POC in their names: the POC Zine Project, and Chi-POC. Both of these groups are self-identified and named themselves as well as providing their own bios with self-identifications to be read in introduction at the Exhibitor Reading, and they are autonomous entities that are not associated with the CZF organizers; we would never presume to categorize or label anyone! We support both groups and the rights of all zinesters who self-identify as POC to do so, as well as the reasons behind each group’s choice to use POC in their names and do what they do.

We highly recommend checking out both of these projects to find out more about them in their own words:

POC Zine Project:

Chi POC:

*We will be publicly responding to a few of the anonymous comments made in our Post CZF 2013 Participant/Attendee Survey here over the next couple of weeks in order to foster transparency and dialogue. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions!

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